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At First Tier Events, safety is our top priority, which is why we use the gold standard in insurance to guarantee we are providing the most comprehensive coverage for our events and its participants. 


All First Tier Events are sanctioned by US Lacrosse and follow US Lacrosse policies & procedures when it comes to:
- Emergency Action Plan
- Inclement Weather & Evacuation Plan
- Tournament Format & Rules
- Field Maps
- Assigner Agreement/Contract


To keep up with the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and put the safety of all attendees at our events, First Tier Events has compiled a list of strategies to ensure players, spectators, referees, and coaches remain safe, healthy, and well.


• Group age divisions into time/day brackets to minimize contact
• Have teams play with limited breaks to reduce the longer time of stay
• No handshakes - elbow bumps at end of the game
• Have a waiver that all participants must sign​
• Stay at home if you are feeling sick or have come in contact with someone who has tested postitive in the last 14 days.

• Recommend all at-risk attendees to stay home
• No tailgating

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